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UK signs team NIL deal; Jacob Toppin and Chris Livingston land individual deals

Some big news for the basketball team on the NIL front.

Chris Livingston Isamu Haynes-Sunayama - A Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats are coming off another huge win against the Florida Gators on Wednesday night, as they look to now push up the seeding line with the NCAA Tournament only a few weeks away.

With all the attention being focused on the court, John Calipari took to Twitter to announce some exciting news on Thursday. His team has been signed to an NIL deal, while Jacob Toppin and Chris Livingston have also both landed separate individual deals.

With not a lot of detail out in regards to who the contracts are with, according to Jack Pilgrim of KSR, each deal is with several large companies in the US.

The team deal has been signed with Morgan & Morgan, who has been a consistent partner with UK Athletics throughout the years. If you remember, they helped the Kentucky program roll out an NIL campaign last season featuring players in an ad running through Times Square before the Champions Classes last season.

For the individual deals, according to Pilgrim, Toppin has signed a deal with AT&T, which will roll out a new ad campaign. Livingston has signed a deal with Beats by Dre.

With a lot of questions still remaining about where this season goes, one thing remains clear...if you come to play at Kentucky, the stage you play on speaks for itself.