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Aaron Bradshaw teams up with RAC Recovery in latest NIL deal

Another example of players using their NIL platform to make a positive impact!

Aaron Bradshaw Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

There is no doubt that NIL is good for college athletics, and on Tuesday, we got the latest example as to why.

Kentucky Wildcats big man Aaron Bradshaw is positively using his influence as he has teamed up with the Robert Alexander Center for Recovery to promote mental health and substance abuse awareness in the state of Kentucky.

Bradshaw announced the partnership on his Instagram page, with teammates Brennan Canada, Tre Mitchell, and Grant Darbyshire joining him.

“I would definitely recommend someone to come here. This is the best place to go,” Bradshaw said. “Everybody struggles. Everybody has that one time in their life where it’s like we all need help at one point. With mental and substance abuse, some people don’t like help, some people do, but with this center and great environment, comfortable, a lot of people that actually care. And that’s what people need.”

RAC Recovery is rated as the top addiction center in the state, with over 25 years of treatment experience, more than 30 dedicated staff members, and a 50-plus bed facility located in Mount Washington, KY. You can check out their website at or call 1-844-328-8406.

It is great to see Kentucky players using their platform to make a positive impact around the state.