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The Athletic’s new NBA Draft big board has Reed Sheppard at No. 6

Sheppard is looking more like a one-and-done player every day.

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Reed Sheppard Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

Reed Sheppard is off to a fantastic start this season for the Kentucky Wildcats, and the hype is growing.

The hype for Sheppard has always been high within BBN, but now that hype is branching out to a national level.

On Wednesday, Sam Vecenie of The Athletic released his first 2024 NBA Draft Big Board, and it didn’t take long to find Sheppard’s name.

Vecenie has Sheppard ranked as the No. 6 overall prospect in his first big board after his hot start to the season.

“This is the eye-opener of the board,” Vecenie wrote. “Sheppard has, in my opinion, clearly been the best freshman in college basketball thus far. In terms of deriving value for his team, I don’t think it’s all that close. So, it was hard to rank him much lower than this.”

Vecenie had a lot to say about the play of Sheppard, too much to include it all here, but he did note that Sheppard was his “favorite player in the country to watch so far in college hoops, giving props to his high plus/minus, elite shooting ability, and his overall feel for the game on both ends.

It wasn’t all positive, however as Vecenie’s biggest knock on Sheppard was his lack of size and his struggles as an on-ball defender.

Vecenie didn’t have a clear player comparison for Sheppard but noted that he does a lot of what NBA scouts are looking for right now.

After many expected Sheppard to be around for a while, it could be the case that he is playing himself into a one-and-done player.

As for other Wildcats, here’s how it went:

14. Justin Edwards

15. Robert Dillingham

32. D.J. Wagner

44. Aaron Bradshaw

64. Adou Thiero

73. Antonio Reeves

You can check out the full NBA Draft Big Board here.