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Rich Brooks speaks out on the transfer portal

The old UK head coach has spoken.

Mark Stoops. Rich Brooks. UK Athletics

The first window for college football players to enter the transfer portal has officially opened as of Dec. 4th, and the news of the day has already been flowing.

For the Kentucky Wildcats, they have seen several losses, including Shamar Porter, Destin & Keaten Wade, Martez Thrower, and several others. It has been a whirlwind across the country as high-profile players continue to enter their names into the portal.

Well, former Kentucky head coach Rich Brooks has spoken out on the portal and the new era of college football.

“They should just call the transfer portal free agency and get over it. Every year, a player can put his name in and let the bidding begin. Agents shop their players and go for the money,” Brooks said on Twitter.

Honestly, he has a point. Without the NCAA stepping in and stopping these collectives, at this point, it is free game to go and get players. And for the players, if you can make more money elsewhere, by all means, go pursue it.

It’s a wild world of college athletics. Today is just further proof of that statement.