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John Calipari hosts Michael McGuire and his family for Illinois State game

Still an awesome story.

John Calipari

The Kentucky Wildcats knocked off the Illinois State Redbirds on Friday night and did so with a special guest in attendance.

As many in the BBN will remember last season, John Calipari had a tweet that went viral asking for the name of the coal miner setting courtside with his son at the Blue-White Game in Pikeville last season. Still in his work clothes, the tweet caught Twitter by storm, eventually leading to Michael McGuire and his family receiving an invitation to Rupp Arena as a special guest of Coach Cal.

The story just keeps getting better as McGuire and his family were in Rupp on Friday night to witness the Cats win.

No matter what you think of John Calipari on the court, one thing he does great at is the outreach to the Bluegrass State. Whether it be during the Tornadoes in Western Kentucky or the Floods in Eastern Kentucky, he continues to show his players and his staff that this program is bigger than what happens on the court.

This story with the McGuire family is another prime example of that.