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SEC Bracketology Breakdown

Not a lot of changes over the holiday week.

Antonio Reeves Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

Greetings, BBN!

There were not a lot of games over the holiday week, but there was still a pretty significant amount of movement in the bracket. Several teams enjoyed a seed line bump upward, and only one got knocked down a peg.

It was also a week of winning: only two teams lost a game in the past week, and both those teams were unranked, off-the-bubble teams playing ranked competition away from home.

Kentucky has continued its month-long ascent and is now the second-best-seeded team in the SEC at a 4-seed, behind just Tennessee. At 9-2, they’ve got two more nonconference games left before “the grind” begins, and one of those nonconference games, the highly anticipated tilt with Gonzaga, won’t be until February. So I hope the Cats have enjoyed their break, because it’s all going to ramp up very fast very soon.

Let’s take a look at where everyone’s sitting in ESPN’s NCAA Tournament Bracketology, as well as who’s in and who’s out:

SEC Bracketology December 29th

The Good: Three teams go up a seed line

Kentucky, Texas A&M, and Ole Miss all hopped up a seed line this week, even though none of them really did anything. Sometimes simply not losing is the best strategy, and by not taking on any losses for a spell all three teams have moved up again of less fortunate teams in other conferences

The Bad: South Carolina, Mississippi State, and Florida have little room for error

11-1 might seem like an impressive record, and it is considering only 16 teams have one or fewer losses right now, but it’s the only reason South Carolina is on the edge of the bracket at all: they don’t have a single win over a team remotely “good.” The Bulldogs and Gators don’t have much to show either. SEC play will bring a lot of losses to all three of these teams, and unless they can also get some big, statement-quad 1 victories in the league, they won’t be in this bracket much longer.

That’s it for this week! Have a Happy New Year, BBN! Till next time, go Cats!