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VJ Edgecombe trims list to 3; recruiting guru says don’t count out Baylor

While this has been seen as a Kentucky vs. Duke battle, one insider says don’t count out Baylor.

Countdown to Craziness Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

VJ Edgecombe has made another cut, and the Kentucky Wildcats remain in the hunt for the top-five recruit.

According to Travis Branham of 247 Sports, Edgecombe has trimmed his list down to three, featuring the Wildcats, Baylor Bears, and Duke Blue Devils. He’s ranked No. 5 overall in the 2024 class by 247 Sports Composite.

Edgecombe also shared some thoughts on his finalists, and this is what he said of Kentucky.

“Kentucky made the cut, even though they were late, because coach Calipari has been going hard. He gave me his reason why he started recruiting me a little later which was very understandable. He produces a lot of guards.”

That “even though they were late” didn’t exactly sound great, so hopefully, he’s not holding that against Calipari and Kentucky. But you can’t exactly blame him if he is, as recruits often like to pick schools who’ve consistently recruited them the longest.

However, Calipari has been going all out in recent months to make up for not prioritizing Edgecombe longer, and it paid off enough to get Kentucky into his final three.

While this has been viewed as a Duke - Kentucky battle, Trilly Donovan says not to count out Baylor.

Here’s what Edgecombe told Branham about what the 5-star guard is looking for in his eventual school.

“I feel like where I would fit best going in as a freshman, where I play a lot, and the relationship with the coaching staff, for sure. That is definitely probably the most important thing for me — I would say that the relationship with the coaching staff will be the deciding factor for me.”

Edgecombe still plans to make a decision sometime during his senior season, so we should learn where he’s going in the coming months.

Be sure to read his full interview at 247 Sports.