Where are they now? Update on former basketball Cats still in college

We occasionally see pieces on players that once played for UK and moved on to play in the NBA. During the winter doldrums I decided to check in on the players that moved on via the transfer portal and are still playing. I was able to find 10 former Cats still playing. Let me know if you know anybody I missed.

Starting from those most recently transferring.


Sahvir Wheeler. Savir Wheeler's contributions on the basketball court have made an impact on the Washington Huskies this season. He was with UK for 2 years, but his playing time dropped in the 2nd half of last year. This year he's averaging 15.6 points although his 3P% is down to 20.6% vs 36.6% last year. Even with the low 3P% putting up over 15 points per game is really good for a point guard, especially as he's also getting 7.1 assists per game. It'll be interesting to see if he's able to maintain this pace once the PAC 10 schedule starts.

CJ Fredrick. CJ had a hard time keeping healthy at UK, missing 1 whole year and parts of another. Now he's healthy and averaging 7.5 points with the Cincinnati Bearcats, but that puts him only 9th in scoring on a team with a very balanced attack. His 3P% is a very good 44% but 2P% shot is only 33%. Since this is Cincinnati's first year playing a Big 12 schedule, they will need players like CJ that have been in the major conference grind.

Lance Ware. Lance was the guy who always played all-out in limited minutes at UK. Now he's at Villanova Wildcats and undoubtedly still has the same motor. He's been in 12 games with Villanova and is averaging 1.7 points and 2.2 rebounds in 11.7 minutes. At UK Lance was the guy who could give a break for either the 4 or 5 position while adding a level of sheer enthusiasm to the game and it seems he's still providing that service.

Daimion Collins. One player that we may see this year is Daimion Collins. He's now with the LSU Tigers and looks more buff than the skinny kid of the last 2 years. We'll see them only once this year, in Baton Rouge. He's been in 5 games this year, averaging 4.8 points in 9.8 minutes. However, his last game was on Nov 24 when he injured his shoulder. I don't know how long he'll be out but I'm sure this is disappointing.


Keion Brooks Jr. Keion played 3 seasons for UK and has turned into a dominant player in his 2nd year with the Washington Huskies, averaging 20.1 points and 7.6 rebounds in 34.6 minutes, leading his team in all 3 categories. Hopefully he'll be able to maintain this pace as the conference schedule begins. Keion is in his 5th and final year of college basketball.

Bryce Hopkins. Like Keion, Bryce has become a dominant player for his new team. He is beginning his 2nd year with the Providence Friars. He's 2nd on the team in scoring with 16.3 points while leading the team with 8.7 rebounds. I caught part of 1 game and was surprised at the amount of their offence that goes through him. Particularly getting him the ball at the top of the key where he can shoot, drive or pass seems to be their goal on most plays. He moved to Providence after a year of little playing time at UK and has made the best of his new team.

Dontaie Allen. Dontaie was a fan favorite during his time at UK. A Kentucky native on a team that hadn't had an instate player in a while lots of people wanted him to succeed. After a redshirt season he played 2 years for UK. Other than a couple of memorable performances (looking at you Starkville) he was never able to meet the lofty expectations of the fans and especially Coach Cal. Now he's in his 2nd year with the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. This year he's shooting 3's at about 34% rate while only hitting 2's at 30%. He's getting an average of 17.4 minutes and contributing 7.1 points.


Devin Askew. Devin was the point guard for the UK team with the least success in years. He was far from the only cause for their lack of success, but he was out of his depth most of that year. After Devin left UK in 2021, he spent 1 year with the Texas Longhorns and is now starting his 2nd season with the California Golden Bears. He's coming off the bench for 17.8 minutes per game and contributing 7.5 points. I watched their game against MS State and it's obvious he's playing behind a set of really good guards this year. I doubt he'll be seeing lots of time again this year.

Cam'Ron Fletcher. Cam'Ron is in his 3rd year with the Florida State Seminoles. He missed most of last year with a torn ACL. Hopes were high this year, but he's been injured again, this time his knee. I can't find anything from the team but stories in newspapers are saying he's done for the year again. I really hope that's not true. On the bright side he's had lots of good off-court press coverage due to his romance with LSU women's basketball star Angel Reese, aka the Bayou Barbie. You go Cam'Ron.


Jemarl Baker, jr. Jemarl is now a 7th year senior with the New Mexico Lobos. At UK he redshirted 1 year then played in the 2019-2020 season. He then played 2 years at Arizona. His next stop was Fresno State where he was injured in his first year and was able to get the NCAA to grant another year of eligibility. He then played a year at Fresno State before moving to the New Mexico Lobos. This year he's getting about 23 minutes and contributing 7.3 point, both starting and coming off the bench.

There were the only former Cats I could find. Did I miss anybody?

I mostly did this out of an "where are they now" interest. I hope others find it entertaining while waiting on games to start coming faster.