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SEC Bracketology Breakdown

A look at where the SEC stands in ESPN’s Bracketology.

Rob Dillingham Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

Greetings, BBN!

With college basketball, looking at win-loss records doesn’t tell you very much like it does sometimes for football, and taking in a conference top-to-bottom isn’t easy unless you have the March perspective.

That’s why bracket-seeding projections are some of the best indicators of how the pecking order in a conference really is.

Just look at South Carolina and Alabama: the Tide are seeded much higher than the Gamecocks, even though they are 6-5 compared to South Carolina’s 10-1.

Let’s take a look at where everyone’s sitting in ESPN’s NCAA Tournament Bracketology, as well as who’s in and who’s out:

SEC Bracketology December 22nd

The Good: Ole Miss stays unbeaten, cracks AP Poll

The Rebels debuted in the Bracketology Breakdown last week at 9-0 with a 9-seed, and now they’ve improved on that to reach 11-0 and a projected 8-seed. Every last win matters as they get ready for a full, 18-game SEC slate come January.

The Good: Kentucky shines against rivals, moves up to 5-seed

What a two-game stretch: beat top-10 UNC and then smash UofL in their own building! Doesn’t get much better than that in late December. They’ve also regained top-10 status in the AP Poll after taking a big dip thanks to UNC Wilmington at the beginning of the month.

The Bad: Vanderbilt’s season already cooked

Jerry Stackhouse has made the Commodores rougher and tougher the past couple of seasons, helping them to lose doormat status, and last year, they played their way onto the NCAA Tournament bubble. Alas, they are rapidly regressing and losing the ground they slowly gained. They are currently 4-7 with home losses to Presbyterian and just Tuesday night to Western Carolina.

The Strange: Alabama a 6-seed?

Excuse me, what have the Crimson Tide done to be in the upper half of the bracket, with a 6-5 record that includes wins over Morehead State, Indiana State, South Alabama, Mercer, Oregon, and Arkansas State? No bad losses, you say? Well, neither does Ole Miss—in fact, they don’t have any, and their wins outweigh the Tide’s, too.

That’s it for this week! Have a merry Christmas, BBN! Till next time, go Cats!