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Vince Marrow calls out Scott Satterfield while praising Jeff Brohm

The Big Dog has spoken!

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats new quarterback signee, Cutter Boley, took home the Paul Hornung Award on Thursday during a trophy presentation in Louisville.

With Boley winning the award, which is given to the state's top high-school football player, he now joins players like Dane Key, Ty Bryant, Jager Burton, and others who have won the award and are headed to play their college football in Lexington.

A big thanks to the in-state recruiting success that UK has had of late is due to Vince Marrow.

Marrow, a lead recruiter for Boley, was in attendance for the ceremony in Louisville and took a good shot at former Louisville Cardinals football coach Scott Satterfield, now at Cincinnati.

“Ya’ll better do whatever ya’ll can to keep Jeff (Brohm) here because the last guy here, I really didn’t work that hard recruiting. It was just very easy to go against that last staff. Jeff being here, we know we’ve got to roll up our sleeves and go to work,” Marrow said.

The statement was also a good compliment to what Jeff Brohm is building at Louisville. That was evident in the next part of the statement.

“I think if (Jeff) would have been here a little earlier at Louisville, he would have probably made it harder (to land Cutter), because Jeff is a good quarterback coach, but I think we got a better one in Liam Coen.”

It is obvious to many in the BBN that the football rivalry is starting to build back up to a more competitive game than it was under the Scott Satterfield staff.

The Cats should feel good to have a recruiter like Marrow on their side as they keep looking to climb the ladder in the SEC and the college football landscape as a whole.