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Reed Sheppard calls Louisville a good team that can beat Kentucky

Kentucky is staying focused ahead of Thursday’s matchup at Louisville.

Reed Sheppard Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats are coming off a huge win over the North Carolina Tar Heels in Atlanta this past weekend, and now they have turned their attention to Thursday night's matchup with the Louisville Cardinals.

It’s no secret to anyone around the college basketball world that the UofL program is a mess currently. But coming off of a blowout win over Pepperdine on Sunday, the Cards and Kenny Payne could have some life heading into the matchup with the Cats.

According to Reed Sheppard in his media availability this morning, this Kentucky team is remaining focused as they head into Thursday’s game vs. a “good team” in Louisville.

Despite all the storylines that the Louisville program has produced over the last few weeks, one thing Sheppard pointed out is still true of their opponents: They have played some good teams to close games.

Now, I know this as well: What else would he say? But it wouldn’t be hard to argue that UofL should have knocked off Indiana and Texas in Madison Square Garden earlier this season.

It also is very obvious a program of the stature of Louisville shouldn’t lose to Kentucky Wesleyan, DePaul, or Arkansas State.

Another tricky aspect in this game? Louisville is actually one of the best teams in college basketball at drawing fouls. At 25.4 attempts per game, the Cards currently rank 23rd in the nation. The Cards could use this to slow down the game and also potentially put some of Kentucky’s best players on the bench with foul trouble.

It will be interesting to see which team shows up for Kenny Payne on Thursday night, but it sounds like John Calipari is getting his squad ready to go in and take control of this game early.

Going to be fun to watch.