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Big Z releases statement amid reports he could bolt for Europe

“I love being coached and challenged, and I’m hoping to hear that I can play soon.”

Big Z. Zvonimir Ivisic. Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

We now have a statement from Big Z himself, who posted the following message on Twitter.

“I met with Coach Cal and discussed going home for the holidays. My family and I worked really hard to gain admission to Kentucky, which took quite a while. With the ups and downs of this process, it’s been stressful and emotional for me and my family, but I can tell all of BBN that I’ve done everything I can. I’ve obtained a 3.25 GPA. I love this school. I love my teammates and going against other great players every day in practice. I love being coached and challenged, and I’m hoping to hear that I can play soon. Go BBN!!”

Here’s to hoping Big Z is able to gain clearance from the NCAA within the next 10 days, or we may never get to see him play for the Cats.

The Kentucky Wildcats are coming off a major win over North Carolina and have nearly the entire roster able to play.

The lone exception is Zvonimir Ivisic, as the Croatian center is still awaiting clearance from the NCAA.

Now that we’re over a month into the new season, one would think the NCAA ruling could come at any moment...

But will it be too late?

According to The Athletic’s Kyle Tucker, there is concern at UK that Ivisic could go back to Europe during the winter break and end his college career before it ever really begins.

KSR’s Matt Jones adds that if Big Z isn’t cleared by New Year’s, he’s likely gone.

This would certainly be a disappointing development given how much work John Calipari and his staff have put into getting Z to Lexington and hopefully eligible soon enough, but it won’t be a major loss by any stretch.

At least, not as long as Kentucky’s current frontcourt stays healthy, but we’ve seen how many injury issues this program has endured, so it would be nice to have Z eligible to, at the very least, provide insurance in case someone goes out due to injury.