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John Calipari feels really good about 2025 recruiting

Swaggy Cal seems to be here to stay.

John Calipari Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats have been off to a hot start in the class of 2024, with signatures from Jayden Quaintance, Boogie Fland, Somto Cyril, and Travis Perry all coming in the early signing period.

Now, as John Calipari and his staff turn their attention to Karter Knox, Billy Richmond, and VJ Edgecombe to help round off the 2024 class, they are also starting to ramp up their recruiting efforts for the class of 2025 prospects.

According to Calipari, he feels good about where things are heading in that class as well.

During his Monday radio show, Cal spoke briefly about the class and his optimism that the BBN will be watching another star-studded roster:

“Some of the 25s I’m feeling really, really good about. You’re talking about three years — this year, next year, then the year after that with really good players,” said Calipari.

Who could be some of the players that the Cats land?

At the moment, there are several top players who hold an offer from the UK for the class, including AJ Dybantsa, Darryn Peterson, Cameron and Cayden Boozer, Caleb Wilson, Koa Peat, Meleek Thomas, and Darius Acuff. Not to mention two other Kentucky high school standouts in Jasper Johnson and Malachi Moreno. Peterson and Johnson have also been thought of as potential reclass candidates for 2024 as well.

It appears this coaching staff has cast a wide net once again and is pushing hard to land several of the top prospects in the class. If Coach Cal has some optimism, so should the BBN.

Let the fun begin.