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John Calipari has won 6 of 7 against AP top-10 North Carolina teams

Kentucky has gotten the better of North Carolina under John Calipari.

John Calipari Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

John Calipari is a name that most college hoops junkies know about whether they watch Kentucky Wildcats Basketball or not.

Calipari has been a head coach for decades and is among the best to ever do it. He gets even better against good North Carolina teams.

The Cats took the court against the No. 9 Tar Heels Saturday night. They ended with a gutsy victory, and beating top-10 UNC teams is something that has become second nature for Calipari.

As CBS Sports notes, Calipari has taken down a top-10 Tar Heels team in six of seven matchups.

This win was a signature win for Kentucky. It took down Miami earlier in the season yet lost to the Kansas Jayhawks before that. This was their third matchup against a team that entered the game with a top-10 ranking. This is easily the signature win of this season so far.

Against UNC, it was Rob Dillingham that went off. He was 6/16 from the field but ended with a team-high 17 points after a 1/7 first half.

Reed Sheppard, DJ Wagner, and Aaron Bradshaw were the other three Cats that hit double figures. Justin Edwards, Tre Mitchell, and Antonio Reeves all had eight or more points as well. It was a full team effort for the Cats as they won by halves by two points.

That said, Calipari has the Tar Heels’ number, and that’s the type of consistent and impressive performance that fans should love seeing from their head coach.