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Saturday Headlines: North Carolina Gameday Edition

The Cats and Tarheels square off in a marquee matchup in Atlanta

The Kentucky Wildcats are back in action today in the CBS Sports Classic in Atlanta.

These Kentucky-North Carolina regular-season matchups have produced some memorable moments over the last several years, going as far back as Tayshaun Prince hitting five 3s in a row, up to the matchup two years ago when Kentucky won by 29 in Vegas.

Kentucky needs a big win in a big way, with the most notable victory for Kentucky this season coming against Miami, which has lost some of its luster as the Hurricanes have struggled recently.

A marquee victory over this Tar Heels team would give Kentucky some momentum to finish out non-conference play and would certainly look good on the resume in March.

The Tar Heels are tough, though, owning victories over Tennessee and Arkansas.

Hopefully, we come away with a memorable Kentucky performance today.

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A lot of good games in this series.


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