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Rupp Arena returning to old court

Sounds like the new court wasn’t that great after all.

NCAA Basketball: NC-Wilmington at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

One of the big storylines for the Kentucky Wildcats in the month of December was the unveiling of the new basketball court at Rupp Arena.

To the delight of many among the BBN, the “stickers” would no longer be on the court, as the athletic department unveiled a sleek new look.

Well, that court didn’t last too long.

On Thursday afternoon, an official announcement came from the Rupp Arena Twitter account, stating that the new court did not meet the satisfaction of both Robbins Inc. and UK officials when it came to game performance.

The one game that the Cats played on the new floor was the loss to UNC-Wilmington earlier this month. It was expected to be used for the remainder of the season. Now, the old court will return to Rupp Arena, getting unveiled once again when Illinois State comes to town later in December.

I guess we will officially get to find out if Kentucky plays a lot better on the old floor than the new one. Going to be fascinating to watch.