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Louisville Basketball reaches new low with Koron Davis controversy

And getting worked at home by Arkansas State.

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And now the Louisville Cardinals capped off their magical day by losing 75-63 at home to 3-7 Arkansas State.

Louisville is now 8-34 under head coach Kenny Payne.

Is this the end for Payne?

What a mess Louisville Basketball has become.

The latest controversy stems from Koron Davis, who joined the program this year as a JUCO transfer from Los Angeles Southwest College.

Things have been rocky, to say the least, in his brief time with the Cardinals, as noted by Card Chronicle’s Mike Rutherford, highlighted by a rumored altercation with head coach and former UK assistant Kenny Payne that was disputed by both sides.

Early in the second week of the regular season, a rumor spread like wildfire through the U of L fan base that Davis had been involved in an altercation with Payne during a practice, and that security had feen forced to break it up. U of L has vehemently denied the rumor, as have both Payne and Davis, who both either directly or indirectly has acknowledged that they are aware of it.

A week after that, Davis was noticeably absent from the Cardinal bench and then did not make the trip to New York with the rest of the team. Payne has never gone into specifics about the situation, saying only that Davis is “still a part of the team” and “not in any trouble.”

During the Bellarmine game last week, Davis was spotted in the crowd.

Payne was asked about this during his media availability on Friday, and said the following:

“I have nothing to say about Koron Davis. Koron Davis is not in trouble. I didn’t know he was at the game, but, if he was, that’s fine with me. He’s a part of this team right now.”

Well, on Wednesday, the school announced that Davis was transferring out of the program.

“University of Louisville junior guard Koron Davis has informed the program that he intends to transfer. We support him and wish him well in the future,” the press release read.

Apparently, that was news to Davis, who disputed this claim on Twitter, saying he did not intend to enter the transfer portal. That would suggest the school is forcing him to leave without actually telling him.

The Cardinals are now 4-5 and coming off a loss to DePaul, who was previously 1-7 before coming away with a 75-68 victory this past Saturday.

At this rate, Kenny Payne may not be employed by the school by the time the calendar turns to 2024.

The Kentucky Wildcats will play at Louisville on December 21st.