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Barion Brown one of the fastest players in all levels of football vs. Louisville

No one is catching Barion Brown.

Barion Brown Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats picked up an exciting win over the Louisville Cardinals this past Saturday, but no player in the game got the BBN to their feet as quickly as Barion Brown did in the third quarter.

Right after the Cards marched down the field to score an opening drive touchdown to start the half, Brown took the kickoff from one end-zone to the other, giving the Cats the momentum-swinging play they needed. The better part about it... he went the full 100 yards untouched.

That makes more sense after Reel Analytics put out their clip, which named him the fastest player in college football during this past week. His top speed? 22.6 miles per hour.

And as Matt Jones notes, it would have been the fastest in the NFL so far this season, so we can officially call Barion Brown one of the fastest players in all of football.

This isn't the first occasion that Brown has taken home this analytical award either, as he topped out at 21.8 miles per hour in Week 1 of this season vs. Ball State.

You hear it said a lot, but the statement remains true. You can't teach speed. And Brown continues to show that he is one of the fastest players in the country.