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John Calipari receives the best advice he’s ever gotten from Frank Martin

“Best advice anyone has ever given (him).”

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

John Calipari and Frank Martin have been friends for years, and the BBN got a close-up of their friendship while the Kentucky Wildcats faced off against the South Carolina Gamecocks when Martin was in Columbia.

With some friendly jabs and banter going back and forth, Martin is now the head coach at UMass, Calipari’s old stomping grounds, and mentioned some advice he offered to Coach Cal in his latest postgame press conference.

Martin mentioned a recent conversation in which Coach Calipari needed a quick venting session (like we all do). According to Martin, Calipari mentioned it was “the best advice anyone has ever given (him).”

“I told Calipari...he called me last year whining and complaining. He’s at Kentucky, and he’s whining and complaining, ‘Frank, wah, wah, wah, wah,’” Martin said.

He continued:

“I said, ‘Cal, you remember what you used to do before you got into college coaching?’ ‘Well, yeah.’ I said, ‘Well, now you’re in a business where you’re miserable 30 days a year. So, enjoy it!’ He said, ‘That’s the best advice anyone has ever given me.’”

The last four years have been far from ideal when it comes to the standards that Calipari and the fanbase have for the Kentucky Basketball program. With plenty of heat coming his way, it appears that Coach Cal is finally getting back to his old ways.

It helps when this year's team looks to be one of his best early in the season, or at least one that will be easy on the eyes.

Either way, this sheds light on a neat conversation between two high-profile coaches going through the grind together.

Check out Frank Martin’s full interview, thanks to our friends at Mid-Major Madness.

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