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JuTahn McClain was injured by a dirty play from a Mississippi State player

McClain ended up missing the rest of the game following the injury.

Kentucky v Vanderbilt Photo by Carly Mackler/Getty Images

After the Kentucky Wildcats took a 7-0 lead against Mississippi State last Saturday, there was a scuffle near the Bulldogs’ sideline on the ensuing kickoff, and running back JuTahn McClain was involved.

The play shows where a Mississippi State blocker and McClain continue to block each other as they head toward the sideline. When that happens, three Kentucky football players get involved, eventually leading to a scuffle between the bench on the sideline for Mississippi State and some of the players for Kentucky.

In the instance, it appears offensive lineman Kameron Jones of Mississippi State grabs McClain by his facemask and pulls McClain’s face and body towards another direction, trying to take off his helmet.

McClain’s helmet never fell off, and as he was starting to walk toward Kentucky’s sidelines, he had to go to the ground so trainers could attend to him.

Kentucky was the only team penalized during the altercation, but McClain missed the rest of the game due to a neck injury, and head coach Mark Stoops submitted a video of the incident to the SEC office.

“I did not see it during the game,” Stoops said to the media on Monday. “I did not know he was hurt after the play. I didn’t know that during the game. I didn’t know until after the game.”

“So, I saw the video on the plane. Obviously was very alarmed by that. You never want to see a young man hurt in general, let alone while the game is not being played. So, we sent that into the league. It’s out of my hands.”

Stoops did not provide any injury updates at his press conference on Monday, but McClain was listed on the depth chart against Alabama as he is set to participate in Senior Day on Saturday when Kentucky faces off against Alabama at Kroger Field.