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John Calipari is hopeful Aaron Bradshaw plays Saturday vs. UNC Wilmington

Aaron Bradshaw’s debut is imminent.

Aaron Bradshaw Jason Marcum - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats just had a mighty impressive performance, crushing the No. 8 Miami Hurricanes by a 95-73 final score.

Perhaps the scariest aspect of this game for the rest of college basketball was Kentucky didn’t even have its top class of 2023 recruit.

Aaron Bradshaw was ranked as high as No. 2 overall (Rivals) in his class but hasn’t played yet while recovering from foot surgery, despite having real potential to be one of Kentucky’s 2-3 best players. That’s a scary thought, given what we’ve already seen of these Cats.

Thankfully, Bradshaw is now fully practicing, so his debut appears imminent. He also logged a full pregame workout prior to the Miami game.

Could his debut happen as early as this weekend?

Kentucky’s next opponent is UNC Wilmington on Saturday, and it sounds like there’s a real chance Bradshaw plays.

Following Kentucky’s win over Miami, John Calipari said he’s hopeful Bradshaw plays Saturday. But if not, Bradshaw should play the following Saturday vs. Penn in Philly.

“I’m hoping he (Bradshaw) plays Saturday. If he doesn’t, he’ll play the next Saturday,” Calipari said.

For as scary as Kentucky has been thus far, Aaron Bradshaw has real potential to make it even better.

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