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John Calipari is very excited for 2 years of Jayden Quaintance; expects more additions to 2024 class

Kentucky is not done adding to their 2024 recruiting class.

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John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats have a ton of momentum on the recruiting trail after bringing in the No. 1 overall class in 2023 and are off to a great start in 2024.

So far, the Cats have four signed recruits in 2024, including guard Boogie Fland, center Somto Cyril, guard Travis Perry, and center Jayden Quaintance.

However, it doesn’t sound like the Cats are done just yet in 2024.

On Monday during his radio show, John Calipari talked about 2024 recruiting and said they are expecting “one or two more” commitments “here in a while.”

As for the signees Kentucky already has, Quaintance is the highest ranked as the No. 9 overall player and the No. 2 overall center.

Calipari also talked about Quaintance and how Kentucky fans don’t have to worry about a Shaedon Sharpe situation with him because he has to be in school for two years before making the jump to the NBA.

“Everybody wants to talk about Shaedon Sharpe — this kid’s got to stay two years. Can’t leave.”

As for what he will bring to the court, Quaintance is only 16 years old but doesn’t look like your typical 16-year-old.

“When I watched him, I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ His dad reclassed him, he’s 16. Just turned 16.”

It sounds like Swaggy Cal is in full force, and Kentucky is going to keep their recruiting momentum rolling.

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