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Mark Stoops passed on A&M in part due to assistants potentially not following

Would have been a wild situation.

Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This past Saturday was a wild one for the Kentucky Wildcats.

After knocking off the Louisville Cardinals, the coaching carousel started to spin in Lexington, as the Texas A&M Aggies had honed in on making Mark Stoops their next head coach.

With the situation seemingly changing by the hour, it eventually ended with Matt Jones of KSR reporting that Stoops had decided to stay put.

One of the big reasons that has come out today that could have influenced his decision… he didn’t know if his top assistants would all follow.

“This is my take: Two things I think happened at the exact same time. I think Mark realized that there might have been a couple of people he really wanted to go with him that weren’t gonna go, or at least weren’t certain to go, couldn’t commit at that moment or by the next morning when he got the official offer,” said Jones of KSR this morning.

When thinking of those names, they almost certainly point to Vince Marrow, Liam Coen, and Brad White. The flip side is Kentucky knew they had to keep a few of those coaches as well to prevent a complete rebuild.

Would Mitch Barnhart have been able to keep any of the three? If so, he would have likely had to promote one of them to head coach, but who knows who the frontrunner for that gig would have been.

After looking back over the weekend, the best-case scenario happened for UK. We keep the best football coach we have ever had, and now the attention can be focused on working the portal and winning their bowl game.