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Bowl projections for Kentucky following win over No. 10 Louisville

Did the monster win over the Cards change Kentucky’s bowl outlook?

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JJ Weaver Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats finished the regular season at 7-5 after a huge top-10 win against the Louisville Cardinals this past Saturday. Now that the Mark Stoops situation has seemed to work itself out, the UK staff will turn their attention to the transfer portal, offseason changes internally, and bowl game prep.

For the last several weeks, it has been a fluid guessing game as to where this Kentucky team would head for their postseason game, but after their win over the Cards, the destination for the BBN has become pretty clear: Get ready to book those rooms in Charlotte for the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

Obviously, that is not official, but if there was a betting favorite, that would be the spot. Now the question becomes: Who will be the opponent?

It is shaping up to be another ACC opponent, with Duke, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech as possible options. The Duke matchup would probably bring the most juice, just due to the basketball angle, but it would be an interesting matchup, nevertheless.

Bowl season is almost here. Let’s get the party started.

Kentucky Bowl Projections