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Kentucky Football assistant coaches that could be on the hot seat

What changes should Mark Stoops make this offseason?

Northern Illinois v Kentucky Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

With the regular season now over for the Kentucky Wildcats and Mark Stoops confirmed to be back on the sidelines in Lexington next season, it is time to see if Stoops makes any staff changes heading into next year.

After a year of frustrations on both sides of the ball, it is safe to say that a few coaches should be considered “on the hot seat.”

For starters, offensive line coach Zach Yenser is clearly someone that Stoops should consider replacing before next season.

In 2022, his first year in the position, Kentucky’s offensive line was a disaster as Kentucky QBs were sacked a total of 47 times.

Will Levis was sacked 36 of those and spent much of the season banged up due to him getting his so much.

In 2023, the offensive line was better in terms of sacks given up, as the QBs were sacked 20 times this season.

However, an underrated part of Devin Leary’s season was his ability to get out of trouble when the pocket broke down.

There were several times this season when Leary was hit but didn’t go down and was able to extend the play and avoid the sack.

And Mark Stoops regularly complained throughout the year about the o-line not getting enough push on the ground. Kentucky rushed for under 100 yards four times and had other so-so efforts against EKU (115 yards) and Ball State (113). Those are teams that a legitimate SEC program should hit 150+ against without breaking a sweat.

Back-to-back lackluster seasons for Yenser, who also hasn’t provided much of a spark on the recruiting trail, should have Stoops strongly considering making a change to the leader of the Big Blue Wall. If any assistant is let go, Yenser looks like the likeliest.

The next coach that should be considered “on the hot seat” is wide receivers coach Scott Woodward.

Kentucky’s wide receivers did not have the season that we all expected them to have with the amount of talent that is in that room.

The Cats were one of the leading teams in the nation when it came to drops by receivers this season. The route running also left a lot to be desired.

While Leary did not have the season we all expected him to have, he also did not get much help from his playmakers on the outside.

It might be time for Stoops to look in a different direction when it comes to the wide receivers coach, because 2024 can’t be a repeat of the 2023 season from that group.

The other assistant coach that should be considered “on the hot seat” this offseason is defensive backs coach Chris Collins.

It was not a great season for the Kentucky defense and not the type of season we are all used to seeing from the Cats.

However, many of the Cats’ issues came in the secondary, with teams taking advantage of our defense through the air.

The Cats allowed 2,862 yards through the air this season for an average of 238.5 yards per game. They also finished 126th out of 133 FBS teams in completion percentage allowed (67.1%) and 96th in opponent passer rating (140.73).

We also saw a lot more passing touchdowns (20) allowed on the defense than we have been seeing the last several years.

It will be interesting to see if or what moves Stoops decides to make to his staff before the 2024 season.

What moves would you like Stoops to make this offseason? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.