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Could Kentucky cost Louisville a spot in the New Year’s Six?

The Cats could help spoil the Cards’ hopes of a New Year’s Six bowl.

Barion Brown Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

Saturday was nothing short of awesome as the Kentucky Wildcats went on the road and defeated the No. 10-ranked Louisville Cardinals for the fifth straight year.

To add icing on the cake, the Cats’ 38-31 win over the Cards on Saturday could be what keeps the Cards out of a New Year's Six bowl game.

This season, the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl are the bowls for the College Football Playoff semifinals.

Therefore, the only New Year's Six bowl that is required to take a team from a certain conference is the Orange Bowl. Either the ACC champ or the highest-ranked ACC team not in the CFP gets one of the spots in the game.

As the CFP standings currently sit, Florida State is on the outside looking in sitting at No. 5.

This means that unless Louisville upsets FSU next weekend and FSU doesn’t make the CFP, then the Seminoles will get the automatic bid into the Orange Bowl over the Cards.

The Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and Peach Bowl are not required to take a team from any specific conference.

So, in the situation that Louisville loses to FSU and FSU then does not make the CFP, the Seminoles would be heading to the Orange Bowl, and the remaining New Year’s Six bowls would have a slew of teams with much better resumes to pick instead of a three-loss Cards team.

Not only did the Cats continue their recent dominance in the Governors Cup, but they could have ruined the Cards’ dream season even more by keeping them out of a New Year's Six bowl appearance.

And if Louisville does end up beating Florida State, it shows Kentucky is just as capable of winning the ACC as Louisville or any of its other conference members.

Go Cats!