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Mark Stoops speaks the truth on Louisville’s ‘special’ season

The ACC is not the SEC.

Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

Many people have been saying for a while that the SEC is the best Power Five conference in college sports, and if teams compete in the SEC, they should be able to compete against any other conferences.

Meanwhile, the ACC has had two teams who are doing very well in their conference and overall in the NCAA. Florida State and Louisville are competing against each other in the ACC Championship Game next week while being ranked in the top 10 of the College Football rankings.

With Louisville being 10-1 going into the Kentucky game and UK being 6-5, many thought Jeff Brohm and the Cardinals would be able to walk through the Wildcats, and they even, at one point, had an 8-point spread against Kentucky prior to kickoff.

Thankfully, Kentucky reminded everyone which conference is superior and beat the Cards inside their stadium by a 38-31 final score.

Kentucky finished the season at 7-5 before the bowl game, and even though UK has struggled this season, Mark Stoops knows the SEC is tougher than the ACC.

“Jeff Brohm has done a good job, but it’s not the SEC,” Stoops said after the game.

Even with the great success of the Cardinals, they fell against Kentucky for the fifth time in a row.

And even with Kentucky struggling this season, the SEC proved it will continue to battle for the best conference in the country as other conferences, including the ACC, will be fighting tooth and nail just to keep up.

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