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Ray Davis throws Ls down on Jack Harlow, who was flipping off Kentucky fans

Middle fingers were up, but in the end, Ls were down.

Jack Harlow Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

Saturday was quite the scene in Louisville, Kentucky.

The annual Governor’s Cup battle between the Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals had a new level of excitement this year, thanks in large part to the Cardinals’ magical season that saw them enter the day at 10-1 and ranked No. 10 overall in the College Football Playoff rankings with an outside shot at making the four-team playoff.

Perhaps the biggest celebrity in attendance for the game was none other than Louisville native Jack Harlow, one of the most popular musicians in the world right now. He’s also a die-hard fan of the Cards, so as you can imagine, he was really going through all the emotions for this one.

That included some middle fingers being raised at Kentucky fans following a third-quarter Louisville touchdown that put the Cards up by double digits, though it didn’t last long thanks to Barion Brown’s kickoff-return touchdown.

While his middle fingers were up, the Ls would be down by game’s end, as Kentucky came away with a 38-31 victory. It officially ended the Cards’ playoff

The best part? One could certainly argue it was Ray Davis’ game-winning touchdown, which saw him run up to where Harlow was seated and made sure he saw the Ls down.

After the game, Davis commented on giving Harlow the business.

“If you ask Kaiya Sheron and Deuce Hogan, I said if I get in the end zone, I’m going to throw the L’s down in that guy’s face,” Davis said of Harlow.

Davis added: “When all the superstars try to come out, it’s always best to ruin their Saturdays, man. So now you (Harlow) gotta go back home and just start recording, I guess.”

The stuff of legends.

Thanks for the memories, Ray.