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Brad White and JJ Weaver get emotional reminiscing over his UK career

This is what sports are all about.

Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

Mark Stoops and the Kentucky Wildcats continue to own the Louisville Cardinals after their 38-31 win on the road Saturday.

The Cardinals entered Saturday as the No. 10 ranked team in the College Football Playoff rankings, but the Cats didn’t care as they captured their fifth-straight Governors Cup win.

It was a massive showing for senior linebacker JJ Weaver in his last regular season game, as he came up with eight total tackles (one for loss), a sack, and two fumble recoveries.

After the game, Weaver talked about his big moments and the win. However, Weaver was also asked about a sit down he had with Coach White and Coach Stoops and then to have a performance like he did today.

“First, I got to give it to God. Without his glory, none of this would be possible, but just being consistent with it, keep putting my head down, keep working hard,” Weaver said. “That talk, I needed it. I was really going through a lot at the time; I’m still going through a lot.”

To follow up, Weaver was asked about being the one to start the foundation for helping players with mental health and then to have the support of his coaches through his tough times. Then, the press conference got emotional.

“It means a lot. After losing my father, this man right here (Coach White) has been a father to me. Open hands, inviting me to his house. His kids are like my little brothers and little sister.”

He continued, “It means a lot; I know (knocks on wood) if football is over, I can call (Coach White) and call Stoops, and I’ll be good for sure.”

Defensive coordinator Brad White was at the table with Weaver and followed up Weaver’s comments with some tears and talked about how much he is going to miss Weaver.

Beautiful. Thanks for the memories, JJ.