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SEC bold predictions for Week 13

Will Kentucky win the Governor’s Cup?

Syndication: The Courier-Journal Matt Stone/Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Greetings, BBN!

Well, here we are at the final week of the season and the final week of bold predictions. It’s been a season where if you boldly predicted Missouri would win, you’d almost always look like a genius, and if you boldly predicted Florida, Auburn, Mississippi State, Arkansas, or Vanderbilt would impress, you’d be laughed out of town—and of course, Georgia and Alabama silenced all doubters all season long.

For Rivalry Week, we’ve got some of the greatest rivalries in the sport happening right here down South. After the Governor’s Cup, we’ve got the Iron Bowl, Palmetto Bowl, Sunshine Showdown, Egg Bowl, and others, filling the week with chaos potential. This year’s Rivalry Week has more at stake than usual in that three teams sit at five wins and need to beat their arch-nemesis to play December football—Florida, South Carolina, and Mississippi State. Will any of them do it? If so, I hope I boldly predicted it!

1. South Carolina wins the Palmetto Bowl

Let’s not be delusional—undefeated Florida State, who is currently sitting in College Football Playoff position, is not losing to 5-6 Florida, so the Gators can go to a bowl, and Mississippi State has barely held their own against their league foes and Ole Miss wants nothing more this season than to take back the Golden Egg and get to 10 wins. But South Carolina at home against 7-4 Clemson? Don’t count that out.

2. Kentucky beats Louisville

It doesn’t matter that the Cats are 6-5 and Louisville is 10-1. It doesn’t matter that Louisville has a Top 10 ranking and the Cats are unranked. It doesn’t matter that it’s in Cardinal Stadium. Every time for the past five years the Cats have played the Cards, their SEC play has laid waste to their ACC play. Even if Louisville wins, it’ll be way closer than you’d expect in a 10-1 vs 6-5 game. But the Cats are going to give it everything they have, and I know that can be enough. Time for a very, very sweet Louisville victory.

3. Missouri struggles with Arkansas but still wins

There’s a lot of potential for a letdown here after Mizzou’s wild win over Florida last week and Arkansas’s 1-6 SEC record. On top of that, Arkansas knows it’s their last game, and it’s in front of their home crowd, so they might give it extra to end on a high note for their fans. Still, Missouri will win the game, but by 14 or less.