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Zvonimir Ivisic battling food poisoning

Big Z is not free yet, but he is battling an illness.

Zvonimir Ivisic. Big Z. Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

Zvonimir Ivisic can’t seem to catch a break.

First, it was the admissions fiasco. Then came word that Big Z wasn’t cleared yet by the NCAA and may not be in time for the regular-season opener.

During Thursday’s exhibition game between the Kentucky Wildcats and Kentucky State, Z was noticeably absent from the bench when the game tipped off.

Making it even more odd was John Calipari said during the pregame radio show that Z was going to be at the arena for pregame warm-ups.

Apparently at some point, Z came down with food poisoning, which is why he wasn’t at the game, Calipari revealed in postgame interviews.

Poor kid just can’t catch a break right now after making his way all the way from Croatia to America.

Let’s just hope he’s feeling better soon and gets cleared by the NCAA in time to play at some point in November, though I’m not holding my breath on the NCAA doing anything with any urgency or in a timely manner.