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SEC Power Rankings Week 11

The Cats scored their second SEC road win of the season.

Kentucky v Mississippi State Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Greetings, BBN!

All fourteen teams were in action last week, though not all against each other like they will be this Saturday—a very fun and exciting rarity. The two big dogs, Georgia and Alabama held off some of their seasons’ toughest competition in full, four-quarter battles to stay on top but were given all they could handle first.

We also saw one of the bigger SEC surprise upsets of the year as Arkansas snapped their losing skid in The Swamp and upended the Gators in overtime for an ugly Florida home loss.

Oh, and of course, we can’t forget the Kentucky Wildcats, who won on the road in Starkville (MS) for the first time in 15 years. How ‘bout them ‘Cats?

Now they host Alabama on Saturday.

Let’s dive into these rankings:

SEC Football Power Rankings Week 11

Win of the Week: Arkansas

Coach Pittman said they came into The Swamp 0-0. They came ready to play without worrying about the past several weeks of losing, and after coming so close yet so far over and over again finally broke through with an overtime surprise in Gainesville. This was a complete surprise for Gator Nation and a big, midseason bright spot for the Hogs in a rough year. Way to go, Arkansas.

Gold Stars: Kentucky, Tennessee

Style points aren’t something the Kentucky Wildcats have been known to win with, but they completely silenced the cowbells in their 24-3 domination of Mississippi State on both sides of the ball. Tennessee also had target practice with UConn, slinging dimes all over in a 59-3 video game-style blowout.

Rotten Eggs: Mississippi State, Florida

Doesn’t get much more embarrassing at home to lose 24-3 to a team you’ve beaten every time they’ve come there since 2008—unless you get upset by a 2-6 team in overtime. Which Florida did.

Achievement Unlocked: Road Warriors

Five teams have now won multiple SEC road games, with Kentucky joining the list Saturday with their Starkville win. Alabama’s won three, and Kentucky, LSU, Georgia, and Missouri have won two each. Could the Wildcats take three of four? Unthinkable!