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J.J. Weaver creates ‘Perfect Fit’ program

A very cool story for the Kentucky Football defender.

Syndication: The Courier-Journal Matt Stone/Louisville Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Kentucky Wildcats are off to a 5-0 start and have the whole Commonwealth bought in for what is going to be a fun last seven weeks of the season.

One thing this football program has done under Mark Stoops, however, has always been about the bigger picture of these athletes using their platforms for good.

The BBN gets to see a cool example of that in standout defender J.J. Weaver. In a partnership with the Kentucky Center for Grieving Children and Families, Weaver has created a program for student-athletes at the University of Kentucky called “Perfect Fit.”

The Perfect Fit Peer Support Group is open to student-athletes who are dealing with grief in their own lives, similar to what Weaver did after his father was murdered in a home invasion in 2020. It is an eight-week program that meets each Monday during that time frame.

“I wanted to start something different,” said Weaver. “First with the football team to see that we’re men, but we still have feelings. At the end of the day, we still grieve. We still go through things. It’s okay to talk to somebody about what you’re going through.”

CBS Sports also sat in on one of the meetings to give a brief look at what Weaver has started.

It's a very cool story.

It’s easy to forget that these athletes are just students most of the time. What a great reminder that there is so much more than just football.