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Tuesday Headlines: Wilson Berry Trash Talk Edition

BOOM! Roasted!

Vicky Graff Photo

Momentum swings are everything in sports, especially in highly competitive matchups. The Kentucky Wildcats put on a show against former No. 22 Florida this past Saturday and had all of the momentum working in their favor. That was in large part due to a career day from running back Ray Davis, but there was one particular play that kept Kentucky in the driver's seat.

It was a play that was made by Kentucky punter Wilson Berry to stop a blocked kick on Kentucky point-after-attempt following a touchdown by Davis to make it 16-0.

Florida cornerback Devin Moore was able to scoop up the blocked kick and started returning the ball for what would have been a 2-point score (and a three-point swing).

But there was one problem — Berry turned on the jets and chased Moore down (yes, a punter chased down a defensive back) to make the save for his team.

If you’re Moore, you have to feel defeated that a momentum swinging play was just robbed because you were chased down by the opposing team’s punter. And it couldn’t have felt any better that Berry had a little trash talk to with his tackle. BOOM! Roasted!

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Oh boy.


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