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Aaron Bradshaw addresses offseason rumors

A great response from a player that should end up a fan favorite.

Aaron Bradshaw. Big Z. Zvonimir Ivisic. Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats open the season with their first exhibition game against Georgetown College on Friday night. They will do so, however, without all three of their big men.

Aaron Bradshaw and Ugonna Onyenso have foot injuries, while Zvonimir Ivisic has worked up to playing shape since his late arrival on campus.

Bradshaw is one player, however, that many across the BBN are going to be excited to suit up for the Cats when he is finally back from his foot surgery.

Why is that? Well, all of the offseason rumors definitely didn't help.

Whether it be the potential of his backing out of his National Letter of Intent to head to USC with Bronny James or the rumblings that the Klutch Sports Group was pushing for Bradshaw to sit out the season to preserve his NBA Draft stock, one thing throughout remained the same...the answers by Bradshaw.

At UK Media Day on Wednesday, Bradshaw was asked about the rumbling this offseason, and he had this to say;

“It was just a lot of like a lot of BS,” Bradshaw exclaimed. “I can’t say the word. But it’s a lot of BS on there.”

He continued with this:

“The rumors, yes. I hate rumors. You feel me? I’d rather be told to my face. Ask me. I like to be asked questions. I don’t like that whole putting something on my name that I have no say-so in.”

It is obvious Bradshaw is excited to take the floor with the Cats, and these answers should put to bed any thoughts fans have about him actually not planning on suiting up this season.

Going to be fun to watch.

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