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Calipari briefly expands on “Kentucky Good” comments and improved recruiting

Part of this is due to the addition of Chuck Martin.

John Calipari. Coach Cal. Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

At today’s Kentucky Basketball Media Day, John Calipari expanded on his comments from last week about being “Kentucky Good.”

Here’s what Calipari had to say today.

“I feel comfortable with who we are. But do you know when we’ll know? At the end of the year. Are we Kentucky good? These kids want to be.”

Last week, Calipari acknowledged Kentucky hadn’t been at the same level the last few seasons.

“The last couple of years, we’ve been good but just not Kentucky good,” Calipari said at SEC Basketball Media Day last week.

At today’s Media Day, Calipari said he won’t project this team’s record, but he likes this team’s competitiveness, toughness, and will to win.

The comment last week was interesting and seemed to speak to fans who have had the same thought over the last few years, and it was interesting to see Calipari acknowledge it.

But when it comes to this group, as we’ve seen throughout the years, only time will tell, and we’ll learn more when this team hits the floor for competition.

Another area Calipari briefly expanded on was how he believed recruiting was going well in the 2024 class and potentially even better in 2025, thanks in part to the addition of assistant coach Chuck Martin.

Kentucky recently landed five-star Boogie Fland and is strongly in the mix for five-star forward Billy Richmond and five-star center Jayden Quaintance. The Cats are also hosting five-star guard VJ Edgecomb this weekend alongside Quaintance.

Are we seeing Kentucky Basketball return to the level we saw from 2009-15? Hopefully, this is the start of it.