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John Calipari praises Rob Dillingham

Here comes Rob.

Syndication: The Courier-Journal Jeff Faughender/Courier Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

It was another successful Blue-White scrimmage for the Kentucky Wildcats as they showcased this year's current team on Saturday night at Northern Kentucky University.

Although this team is filled with superstar freshmen, one player overtook the rest on Saturday...Robert Dillingham.

The five-star freshman is known for his smooth handles and ability to explode on offense, and he flashed both of those traits at Truist Arena. He finished the game with 40 points on 14-23 shooting on the night. Dillingham also added seven assists, five rebounds, and four steals in his 40 minutes of game-time.

Obviously, he impressed the BBN with this breakout performance, but John Calipari is proud of how much work Dillingham has put in to take this next step.

“Here’s what I liked. He was really efficient. I grabbed him a couple of times, he had a wide-open shot, but he was going to try something crazy. Just don’t play that way, you’re too good a player. How about the steals? Didn’t just do it on offense, he did it defensively.

“He’s gained 22 pounds because he got beat up in Toronto. Was he making layups in Toronto? No, because he got bumped, and now all of a sudden, he’s the one creating the bump and playing through,” Calipari said of Dillingham.

In the GLOBAL JAM Tour this summer, Dillingham struggled to get going consistently. As Coach Cal alluded to in his statement after the scrimmage, the work he has put into his strength and body is already paying dividends.

With the first exhibitions for the Cats starting up this week, it should be fun to watch what Rob can do against Georgetown College this Friday night.

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