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John Calipari responds to claim of taking a person’s weed-eater

A neighbor called out John Calipari for taking his weed-eater and never returning it.

John Calipari Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

A couple of weeks ago, a person was selling their home on Zillow, and in the description, mentioned how a neighbor, who goes by John Calipari, borrowed the weed-eater but never returned it.

“As per seller: UK fans, this house is close enough for Coach Calipari to borrow your weed-eater but apparently too far for him to return it.”

Well, the Kentucky Wildcats head coach responded back on Sunday night to those comments admitting that he doesn’t even know what a weed-eater is.

“I borrowed his weed-eater?” Calipari says. “I don’t even know what a weed-eater is! I wouldn’t even know what to do with it, and so anyway, I think it sold his house because it got everybody’s attention to this guy’s house.”

At this time, the house is still up on Zillow with the caption still there about Calipari borrowing the person’s weed-eater without returning it.

If you are interested in buying the house and giving Calipari your weed-eater you can get it right now for just $849,000, according to Zillow.

Obviously, in all good fun, Calipari was able to enjoy the funny moment and was able to share the story with fans who really enjoyed his storytelling.