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Big Z misses Blue-White Game; John Calipari reveals why

Nothing to worry about, for now.

Big Z. Zvonimir Ivisic. Drew Brown - A Sea Of Blue

Following the Blue-White Game, head coach John Calipari gave a brief update on Zvonimir Ivisic.

Per Cal, the decision to hold Z out was due to the freshman center being sore and cramping after finally getting to practice.

Remember, Z just arrived last Thursday, so it makes sense that he’s still not in 100% game shape yet.

For what it’s worth, Z did some light warmups and shooting prior to the game, so it doesn’t appear there’s a significant injury to worry about.

The wait for Z’s debut rolls on.

Alright, so maybe this is something to worry about...

The Kentucky Wildcats will hold their annual Blue-White Game scrimmage tonight in Northern Kentucky.

Unfortunately, we will not get to see Zvonimir Ivisic in action.

Head coach John Calipari has announced that Big Z will be held out due to precautionary measures, as he’s just now starting to fully practice with the team.

“Z will be with us, but the bad news is, since he has only practiced for three days and still is in his ramp-up period, he will be held out as a precaution.”

Not a huge surprise since, as Cal said, Z has barely been practicing with the team after arriving on campus the day prior to Big Blue Madness. Putting him in live game action too soon could lead to an unnecessary injury, which is the absolute last thing Kentucky can afford right now with Aaron Bradshaw and Ugonna Onyenso out for several more weeks.

If anything, the injuries to Bradshaw and Onyenso may have influenced this decision.

For what it’s worth, Jonathan Givony mentioned that Ivisic has had trouble staying healthy in the past, so that could be another factor in the decision to hold him out.

And if we’re being honest, tonight is a glorified pick-up game anyhow.

Here’s to hoping we get to see Z in action next week when Kentucky hosts Georgetown College in Rupp Arena.

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