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Wednesday Headlines: SEC Basketball Media Days

Basketball season is officially here!

NCAA Basketball: Big Blue Madness Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Wednesday, BBN!

While the football spirits aren’t as high in the Bluegrass as they were a few weeks ago, one thing all of the fanbase is excited about is the start of the basketball season.

With SEC Basketball Media Days being today and tomorrow, we’ll get a better picture of what these SEC teams will look like and what the expectations will be.

You can watch SEC Media Days on the SEC Network today starting at 11 am ET.

The Cats are entering the season ranked No. 16 in the AP poll. That’s the lowest ranking of the John Calipari era, and it’s the first time his Kentucky team hasn’t been a preseason top-10 team.

It seems to be more of a byproduct of what the Cats have delivered over the past few seasons rather than who the team is now, but I like that the expectations are tamed for this team.

There’s a lot of talent, but it’s a lot of young talent and a couple of vets that have never played together. It will take time for them to gel.

Speaking of those vets, that’s exactly who will be representing both the men’s and women’s teams for UK at SEC Media Days.

Antonio Reeves, Tre Mitchell, Ajae Petty, and Maddie Scherr are all seniors who will take the stand, according to the SEC.

Basketball season is officially here!

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