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Shane Beamer broke his foot after kicking something following Gamecocks’ brutal loss to Florida

And then Beamer’s athletic director got a kick out of it.

South Carolina v Tennessee Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Talk about losing your cool.

This past Saturday, it appeared Shane Beamer and South Carolina were well on their way to their third win of the season when they took a 10-point lead over Florida into the final five minutes.

But when the dust settled, it was the Gators who came away with a 41-39 victory, handing Beamer one of the most crushing losses in his brief head-coaching career.

Speaking of crushing, Beamer was so angry after the game that he broke his foot while kicking something out of frustration.

“It was after the game, and certainly that was a gut-wrenching, emotional loss. I was frustrated and kicked something that I shouldn’t have kicked and thought I was ok,” said Beamer. “The adrenaline of the game wore off, and, before anybody starts the narrative that ‘the head football coach is frustrated and lost his poise and all that,’ no. I care. I care about these kids. I was really upset on Saturday night, because I didn’t do enough to help them get over the hump and win the football game.

“I don’t think I have to have surgery, but there is a broken bone in my foot. It hurts like you know what. I’ve got to show toughness and fight through it. It’s been one of those years.”

Even better was his athletic director, Ray Tanner, had no remorse for Beamer and instead got a kick out of it, pun intended.

“I called coach Tanner and told him to make sure that he’s okay with it, and he died laughing when I told him. Obviously, there’s not a lot of empathy from him.”

Up next, the 2-4 Gamecocks will be on the road to face the Missouri Tigers as seven-point underdogs, followed by a road game at Texas A&M. If Beamer keeps this up, he might have to amputate his foot by the time November rolls around.