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Aaron Bradshaw just wants to win; says “It’s been hell” sitting out due to injury

When Aaron Bradshaw comes back from his injury and is fully healthy, he will do whatever it takes to win for this year’s team.

NCAA Basketball: Big Blue Madness Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

The last injury update came this past Wednesday on the timeline for 7-foot-2 forward Aaron Bradshaw. With Bradshaw still expected to miss five more weeks after he broke his foot during the McDonald’s All-American Game back in March, where he had surgery in June for it.

Since then, he has missed Summer workouts and the trip to Toronto for the GLOBL JAM Tournament. Along with preseason workouts, UK Pro Day, and Big Blue Madness. Bradshaw is still expected to miss the Blue-White Game and, more than likely, the first two exhibition games of the season. With Bradshaw having to wait to be able to play, it has been frustrating for the big man.

“It’s been hell, I’m not gonna lie,” Bradshaw said on Behind Kentucky Basketball. “Just overcoming a lot of things.”

Now with the chance to finally play in five weeks, he is willing to do whatever it will take to win and bring No. 9 home to the Kentucky Wildcats this year.

“I just want to win. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to win,” Bradshaw said on the SEC Network broadcast. “Rebound, block shots, shoot shots, box out, whatever I’ve got to do to win the game, I’m gonna do it.”

The main key for this year’s relationship is how the team has been bonding this offseason, and that is one of the reasons why Bradshaw is excited to get on the court this year with his teammates.

“We all play together,” Bradshaw said. “Everybody, we bond really well together and mesh really well together. Everybody plays for each other, and we all do stuff for each other.”

Although it may be some time until Bradshaw and Ugonna Onyenso take the court together, Kentucky will luckily have two big men to rely on this year in Tre Mitchell and Zvonimir Ivisic to start out the year.