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Vince Marrow sends a message to BBN

“Block out the noise. Go Big Blue.”

Marrow Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

After Saturday’s disappointing loss to the Missouri Tigers, the vibe around the fanbase regarding the football team is beginning to shift.

Now on a two-game skid, the Kentucky Wildcats enter the bye week 5-2 with Tennessee looming on the horizon, a game the Cats rarely come out victorious in.

Vince Marrow sent a message to the Big Blue Nation on Sunday night, vowing to right the ship on the season.

As expected, the fanbase was too happy with dropping their first home game to Mizzou since 2013, and nor should they be. Kentucky has taken backward steps over the past two seasons compared to where they were in 2021.

Add on Mark Stoops’ recent ‘pony up’ comments, and it was a recipe for disaster on Saturday night. ‘

Hopefully, the bye week is a chance for the program and team to take a look in the mirror and have some self-reflection. If not, this is a season that could very quickly go off the rails.