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J.J. Weaver says Florida wasn’t good or ready for Kentucky

Some eye-opening comments from Weaver on Florida, who he’s beaten in three straight years now.

JJ Weaver. Josaih Hayes. Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

On Saturday, the Kentucky Wildcats completely dominated the Florida Gators as they rolled to a 33-14 win for their third straight win in the series.

Kentucky linebacker J.J. Weaver has played a major part in that, whether it was his second-half interception in the 2021 matchup or the frequent pressure he’s helped put on Florida quarterbacks.

Following the win, Weaver talked about the Gators, and he knew that they were a good team, but he knew they weren’t ready for the Cats.

“Florida is a good team, but they weren’t that good for real, to be honest with you. They wasn’t,” Weaver said. “I trust my guys. We watched film. We were on in practice all week, flying around, being dominant. So at a point, I already knew Florida wasn’t ready for us.”

It was a big day for Brad White’s defense, as they stuffed the Gators’ offense for the majority of the game. One key moment was Weaver finally getting a sack that he and the BBN had been waiting to see.

“Coach White kept telling me it’s coming. It’s coming all year,” Weaver said of landing just his second sack of the season. “I’ve been just so down on myself with disappointment because I didn’t get what I wanted. But today, I just got off the ball every time, every chance I get, I knew it was gonna come.”

The Cats will now travel to face the top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs, but Saturday’s win was exactly what they needed.

“We needed it for sure,” Weaver said. “Coach White was just talking about stay at this level all game. And I think we did that on the defensive side, we just stayed at the level instead of going up and down, up and down, up and down, we just stayed there. Being consistent at everything we were doing. We just dominated all day.”

The Cats and the Bulldogs will kick off from Athens at 7:00 pm ET, and the game will air on ESPN.

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