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NCAA Transformation Committee recommends expanding NCAA Tournament fields

An idea that many thought would never happen has some legs.

Villanova v Kansas

With March Madness right around the corner, the NCAA Transformation Committee dropped some big-time news on Tuesday, as they have recommended that NCAA Tournament fields should be expanded.

Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated reported the news Tuesday afternoon.

The proposal will go to the NCAA Division I Board of Directors next week for approval at the convention in San Antonio next week.

Individual sport committees will however have the final say if their sport will adopt the expansion to the respective postseason tournament.

The recommendation is that it expands the fields to include 25% of teams eligible to play in the tournament, and will also include the Men’s and Women’s College Basketball tournaments if their committees vote to allow it.

This would expand those basketball tournaments to 90 teams from the current 64 team bracket.

Although this still seems to be quite a stretch to pass, this change has had some traction over the last several months. If passed March Madness would have a new look, and a ton more teams.

Going to be an interesting storyline to follow over the next several months.