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CJ Fredrick playing key role in uniting Kentucky following rough patch

Fredrick is back to making an impact on the court, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

CJ Fredrick Dylan Ballard - A Sea Of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats were able to get former Covington Catholic standout guard CJ Fredrick back in the Bluegrass State following three seasons at Iowa, where he shot over 46% from deep.

Fredrick missed all of last season due to a hamstring tear. He has played in 15 so far this season and has started seven, still dealing with a plethora of injuries both during and before the start of the season.

Since returning, Fredrick has been huge, playing 30-plus minutes in three-straight games while averaging 10 points per game and shooting 6/18 from deep, which included three huge triples against Tennessee.

His abilities on the court have been huge, but his leadership has been there as well. They are noticed by both teammates and head coach John Calipari.

“CJ leads, man, he just leads. He’s smart,” Calipari said after the Cats beat Georgia 85-71.

The praise didn’t stop there as Cason Wallace, a five-star freshman, said, “He’s (Fredrick) been very positive, just keeping us all together and making sure nobody falls off.”

Having that high praise despite not being as dominant from deep as he was earlier on his career should result in him having an even greater impact when the triples start to fall.

The stars are starting to re-align for the Wildcats, and the presence of Fredrick has been a huge reason they have been able to win two straight conference games.

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