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John Calipari challenges Oscar Tshiebwe to get in the gym more

Calipari compared Tshiebwe’s effort off the court this season to that of last.

NCAA Basketball: Florida A&M at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats have struggled this season.

A win at Tennessee doesn’t whip away many of the issues they have faced this season, albeit it should’ve felt good for a team coming off a home loss to South Carolina.

One reason for their struggles has been the lacking play of center Oscar Tshiebwe. Now, let’s be clear — Tshiebwe hasn’t been bad this season.

But, he certainly hasn’t been at the level fans had gotten used to after last season. Even John Calipari has noticed that and is challenging Tshiebwe to put in more work.

Tshiebwe’s numbers are down across the board. His field goal percentage is down about 3%, his scoring is down 1.5 per game with his rebounding down 2.1 per game. His steals and blocks are also down .2 and .5 per game respectively.

The potential is still there, and the ceiling of this team has yet to be reached. However, if they do anything in March Madness or even make the tournament, Tshiebwe will have to do far more and in short order as well.