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Wednesday Headlines: Kentucky Basketball Collapse

Where did things go wrong for Kentucky Basketball?

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NCAA Basketball: South Carolina at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

Following a 71-68 home loss to South Carolina, it’s safe to say the Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball program has hit an all-time low for the John Calipari era.

While that may come off as hyperbole, you have to consider the preseason expectations with this team and the fact that they have such a healthy mix of veterans accompanied by young talent. The Wildcats also have the reigning National Player of the Year.

Yet, this is what rock bottom feels like.

Kentucky doesn’t have a Quad I win on their resume this season. They’ve beaten up on teams that simply aren’t any good and have struggled or been blown out by the teams that are viable.

Their play has simply not been up to Kentucky basketball standards and fans are growing impatient — as they have every right to be.

This season isn’t an anomaly. In fact, it’s a continued trend that may have reached its tipping point.

When you look at Kentucky’s record vs. ranked teams and in the postseason over the last seven years, the Wildcats simply haven’t performed like they’re expected to. And though that could partially be on media and fans for having too large of expectations, it’s also a fact that this team was just flat-out underperformed.

Kentucky doesn’t appear to have a solution to turn things around and that could lead to this season getting even uglier. The Wildcats travel to No. 5 Tennessee this Saturday before hosting No. 1 Kansas in two weeks. Kentucky’s schedule is not on their side and while there isn’t much time to make adjustments, the fanbase doesn’t have much confidence in those adjustments to be executed anyway.

The Wildcats could always shock the world and win at Tennessee on Saturday, but the odds of that happening and sparking a mid-season turnaround grow more slim by the second. Saturday’s tip-off is scheduled for 12 pm ET on ESPN.

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