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Kentucky is waiting on the NCAA to make a decision on Chris Rodriguez and Jordan Wright

The decision is reportedly out of Kentucky’s hands.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats are getting ready for their road trip to face the Florida Gators on Saturday, but they still don’t know when running back Chris Rodriguez and linebacker Jordan Wright will make their 2022 debut.

However, while the BBN continues to show frustrations about this situation, it looks like the decision is out of Kentucky’s hands.

On Wednesday, Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio reported that Rodriguez’s and Wright’s availability is actually up to the NCAA to decide.

“I am told it is the NCAA (causing the hold up). That UK is basically waiting to hear (from the NCAA),” Jones said. “They thought they would hear yesterday, and they have not yet. So this is not a UK delay. It is an NCAA delay.”

Jones continued, “The working assumption right now is still the same as what it was a few weeks ago. There is still hope Jordan Wright will play this week. Even though; they didn’t put him on the depth chart because they don’t know. But there is hope he will play this week. Rodriguez the thought is still three to four games (until he can return).”

The Cats could still have Wright this weekend against the Gators if they hear from the NCAA before then. However, Jones believes it will be after week 4 before we see Rodriguez.

Now, the football program has to wait on an official decision from the NCAA.

The Cats and the Gators will kick off Saturday night at 7:00 pm ET and the game will air on ESPN.