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ESPN names Vince Marrow one of college football’s most valuable assistants

Well deserved respect for “The Big Dog.”

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

There is no doubt that all of the BBN knows just how important Vince Marrow is to the success of this football program.

However, it is not just this fan base that understands his importance.

Adam Rittenberg of ESPN released his list of the six most valuable assistants in all of college football on Wednesday and not surprisingly, Marrow made the list.

“Marrow has been Stoops’ right-hand man as they’ve built Kentucky into a consistent winner in the SEC. They capitalized on their connections to Ohio and the school’s proximity to a state that still produces a good number of Power 5 prospects. Marrow is the lead recruiter for most of Kentucky’s prospects from Ohio, and the program has hit big on players, such as Lynn Bowden Jr. and Benny Snell Jr., and current starters, such as defensive Tyrell Ajian and Carrington Valentine, and tight ends Brenden Bates and Keaton Upshaw.”

Rittenberg continued, ““You got Ohio sitting right there,” Marrow told me this summer. “It’s the fourth-producing state for NFL players, it’s the third- or fourth-producing state for D-I football players. How do you not go there? You’ve got to have connections, but there’s a lot of players there, and we have strong connections.” Kentucky has rewarded Marrow with several significant raises, and this year he’s earning $1.1 million, a once-unthinkable salary for a non-coordinator.”

The job that Mark Stoops has done during his time at Kentucky is incredible, but it would not have been possible without Marrow, so it is good to see him getting the national recognition he deserves.

You can check out ESPN’s full list of the most valuable assistants in college football here.